Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Experience of Creating a Blog

This is the first blog that I had created. After all these years, I haven't created a single blog. But last week, my english teacher-Puan Parvathy wanted us to create our own blog and give us this topic"My Experience of creating a blog" . I was a a shocked when I heard that. However, I'm more confident after I visited my classmates' blog. So I start my work today. First, I go to www.blogspot.com. Then, press on "CREATE A BLOG" and fill in the the things were needed to create a blog such as, username, password and others. After that, ... I had created my own blog. I had put some pictures into it to make it more special. Of course, you also can put some video or even music. Now, I can type any thing on my blog anytime as I wish. Nay!!Creating a blog is just a piece of cake. Although my blog is not as creative or admirable than the others, but I hope you'll like it. ENJOY!!!!!!!